2021-2022 Voucher Impact

The link below will take you to a google sheet with the latest voucher/financial data


School Funding and Indiana’s Choice Program Talking Points

All comparisons run from Jan of 2010 to Oct of 2021 unless noted

2021-2022 Executive Summary


No constraints = no problem to solve = boredom

What makes a great educational environment?

In a great educational environment students are engaged/interested in learning/doing something they see value in, that provides a challenge that seems attainable, with people who they know care about them.

My Speech at the Statehouse to the Indiana Coalition for Public Education

Good afternoon, it is a profound honor to speak to you today, thank you. I am Phil Downs. I am a social studies teacher currently on assignment as the superintendent of Southwest Allen County Schools, and I was asked to speak for five minutes today on the research I have done into Indiana’s budget and its Voucher program.

How do images move and transfer?

"Something inside one person takes external form — contained by a poem, picture, melody, play, etc — and through a certain kind of engagement, is transferred to the inside of someone else. Art as a transit system for images." - Lynda Barry


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