How Much of Your Income Tax Goes to Your Public Schools

The link below will allow you to see how much of your income tax goes to pay for the teachers and employees in each public school district as well as the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program (Vouchers). The sheet will allow you to enter a “taxable income” number and the four digit code for your school district. If you do not know your four digit number, there is an alphabetical list of all the public schools to the right. 

I have updated the calculator to also show the impact of the proposed income tax cut to 3%.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your income tax supports all the Public, Charter, and Voucher-receiving Private schools in the state regardless of where you live.…

1) This is a close approximation.
2) Your income tax shown does not reflect any deductions. It is simply the 3.23% rate which is a worst-case scenario.
3) Charter school students are included in the Public School District in which they reside.
4) The enrollment percents are based on last school year’s numbers as the IDOE has not yet published this year’s numbers.

Reminder: All of your income tax is appropriated into the General Fund portion of the state budget. The state budget Information can be found here:

Property taxes that go to public schools generally fund things, not people, unless a district has passed a referendum to pay its teachers more. This is not shown in the spreadsheet above.